THE PENELOPE COMPLEX is a feature-length film based on the ancient tale of the Odyssey. The adventures of Ulysses are transposed into the confines of the "House of Ithaca Asylum for the Mythologically Deranged." The different landscapes are the many beds of the asylum, the gods and demons are personified by inmates and the asylum personnel, the sea is an ocean of torn newspapers, and the underworld is just down the basement stairs or under a bed. The actors of the Theatre de l'Ange Fou constantly reinvent themselves to portray over 50 characters, from suitors to soldiers, inmates to society folk, alongside Ulysses, Penelope, Hermes, Circe, the Cyclops and Aeolus, all watched over by the famous killer of myth, the notorious Doktor Ahriman. Accompanied by theatre of the absurd dialogues and a colorful soundscape, this surrealistic choreography looks to be performed by long forgotten characters of the silent screen.