The Theatre de l'Ange Fou has performed a wide body of work in the UK and around the world since 1984.

Steven Wasson 1983, at Etienne Decroux's house

Click on the links below to see images of some of the original programmes from these performances:

THE ORPHEUS COMPLEX London, Brazil, 2005 THE ORPHEUS COMPLEX Germany, France, Italy, London, 2005 THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR Bologna, Edinburgh, Israel, Spain, Ireland, 2000-2003 ENTANGLED LIVES London, 2000-2001 RESONANCE TO PASSAGE London, Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, 1998 ONCE TIME Ireland, 1996 THE UNKNOWN FAMILIAR Norwich, UK, 1996 THE MAN WHO PREFERRED TO STAND Hamburg, Berlin, Paris, Bologna, Bergamo, Warsaw, 1992-1994, 2007 THE MAN WHO PREFERRED TO STAND Philadelphia, April 1992 THE LITTLE DICTATOR Petits Dictateur I & II Avignon & Paris, 1990-1991 BEYOND THE GARDEN Au-dela du Jardin Paris, 1987-1989 CRUSADE New York, 1991 CRUSADE Russia, 1987 CRUSADE Montreal & Tel Aviv, 1986-1987 CRUSADE Paris, 1985-1986 EXTRA MATERIAL