From 'The Man Who Preferred to Stand', Hommage to Etienne Decroux by the Theatre de l'Ange Fou, Paris 1994

The quote on the right defines the guiding spirit of Corporeal Mime. It is about taking action and giving structure to ideas and emotions. It is learning how the human spirit might find the ultimate fulfilment in physical form. It is giving the actor the ability to do what he wants and not just what he can.

Corporeal Mime is a technique which allows the practitioner to learn, through a unique vocabulary how to express theatrically human behaviour from its most practical aspects to its more abstract and spiritual ones. It is the art of the thinking body.

Chair of the Absent One by E. Decroux performed by Corinne Soum 2007
The Trees by E. Decroux,
performed by Theatre de l'Ange Fou, Paris 1994