Created and performed by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum. In this excerpt from the triptych “The Melancholy of Angels”, an angel, witness of shadow and light, contemplates the anguish and doubt of a soldier’s memories. Performed at The Overture Center in Madison, as part of Kanopy Dance Company recital in February 2018.

The Melancholy of Angels, 2018


One of the last duets by Theatre de l’Ange Fou, company Steven Wasson & Corinne Soum, “Memory of Dust” is a modernist fable on the enduring connection of two souls. Inspired by the French writer Robert Desnos, letters, papers, poems, the surrealist movement in Paris, and the send world war, weave a timeless map on which a poet and his muse invent their destiny. This work is a dialogue between Etienne Decroux’s piece “La Meditation” and the world of the Theatre de l’Ange Fou. “Memory of Dust” is a voyage evoking the tragic and absurd moments of life in a dream like atmosphere performance punctuated by humor and derision, a portrait of the ‘unknown familiar’. Premiered at the White Church Theatre Project, July & August 2015. Performed at The White Church Theatre Project in July 2016, and at The Physical Festival in Chicago in June 2017.

Memory of Dust, 2016

"THE LESSON" by Eugene Ionesco

Directed and Choreographed by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum. Performed by Dee King, Gail Grigg and Fiona King. Eugene Ionesco, known as the godfather of the theatre of the absurd, wrote this metaphysical farce in which a pupil comes for her lesson under the guidance of a strange professor and his maid, resulting in total chaos. Performed at The White Church Theatre Project in July and August 2017, and at The Broom Street Theatre in Madison in September 2017.

The Lesson, 2017


Created and directed by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum for the Kanopy Dance Company ensemble. “Blue Beard Through the Glass Darkly” is based on the French folktale Bluebeard. The most famous version of the story was written by Charles Perrault and first published in Paris in 1697. Like all fairy tales Bluebeard is an expression of the collective unconscious and offers a possible understanding of universal patterns in the human psyche. It focuses on the dynamic between two grand archetypal forces, the masculine and the feminine. A voyage, punctuated by humor and derision, through Bluebeard’s mind. Performed at The White Church Theatre Project in August 2017 and at the Overture Center in Madison in February 2018.

Bluebeard, 2017


A film Written and Directed by Steven Wasson. Shot over a period of five years in the London Studio of Theatre de l’Ange Fou and on locations throughout England, France, Japan and Wisconsin, The Penelope Complex is part of Theatre de l’Ange Fou’s exploration of Mythological themes. Using the resources offered by movement theatre with a cast of 25 actors trained by Theatre de l’Ange Fou, the adventures of Ulysses are transposed into the confines of “The House of Ithaca Asylum for the Mythologically Deranged” under the care of the mysterious doctor Ariman. The different landscapes are the many beds of the asylum, inmates and asylum personnel personify the gods and the demons, and the sea is an ocean of yesterday’s newspaper. This surrealistic choreography, with a colorful soundscape, looks to be performed by long forgotten characters of the silent screen. Presented at The White Church Theatre Project in August, September 2016, July 2017, and June 2018.


Created and Directed by Steven Wasson in dramaturgical collaboration with Corinne Soum for the Brazilian companies: Estudio Lusco-Fusco and BR116. With Bete Coelho, Djin Sganzerla, Ricardo Bettencourt and Andre Guerreiro Lopes. Performed at SESC Belenzinho, Sao Paulo, Brazil in July/August 2016. Theme: Another adventure of the “Famous killer of myth” Doktor Ahriman. Dealing with his not so loyal servant Max and battling a mysterious angel, the Doktor attempts to cure his latest patient at the Ithaca Asylum for the Mythologically Deranged, Pandora. Text: Jean Tardieu, Francis Brabazon and Steven Wasson.

The Melancholy of Pandora, 2016


A lecture/archival film presentation by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum celebrating over 30 years of The Theatre de l’Ange Fou, creating touring and teaching throughout Europe, Russia, United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina , India, Japan and Israel. Presented at The White Church Theatre Project in October 2015.


Someone must have made a false accusation against Mister K, for he was arrested one morning without having done anything wrong...or so he thought. This is the second work created and directed by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum (Theatre de l’Ange Fou) for the Kanopy Dance Company. Furthering “A Strange Day for Mister K”, created in 2014, this play, a nod in the direction of Kafka and Keaton, is the portrait of a tormented dreamer pursued by the shadows of his life. Premiered at the White Church Theatre Project, August 2015. Performed in February 2016 at The Overture Center in Madison, as part of the Kanopy Dance Company’s Recital.


One day Mister K awoke to find his life was not as it seemed. Pursued by familiar strangers, K needs just one thing: his girl...or maybe just to go back to sleep. Kafka and Keaton collide. Performed at the White Church Theatre Project, August 2014 and the Overture Center, Madison, Wisconsin, November 2014. Created and directed by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum for the Kanopy Dance Company.

A Strange Day for Mister K, 2014


In the epic poem of Homer, Ulysses, King of Ithaca, after his complicity in the fall of Troy, began a long journey home, sailing for many years and encountering many fears and demons in his wanderings...

It has been written his wife Penelope waited and waited despite the many attempts of others to make her forget. "Waiting for Ulysses" is an imaginary portrait of the life and dreams of Penelope longing for her beloved. Ithaca is no more the mythical island kingdom, but a strange early 20th century mental institution looked over by a mysterious Doktor.

Perpetually weaving and unweaving her past and present, Penelope waits, while trying to escape the plans of the Suitor/Doctors surrounding her. "Waiting for Ulysses" is a modern tale of faith and hope...

Performed at The White Church Theatre Project during the Summer season 2013 and 2014

Waiting for Ulysses, 2013

“A PROMETHEAN DREAM” Etienne Decroux – the Father of Modern Mime

Written and Directed by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum Performed by Steven Wasson, Corinne Soum and members of the Theatre de l’Ange Fou. Premiered at the White Church THEATRE Project, Wisconsin USA, July 2012.

Of all the performing arts, mime is perhaps the most ancient and, still today, attracts people in a deep intuitive way. In it’s portrayal of emotion, thought and experience through the body, mime transcends cultural barriers because it it based on expression and not appearance. Mime is at once a spontaneous language and an elaborate craft. One man, with an extraordinary talent and creative force, came along in the early 20th century.

Through his conviction, perseverance and vision over a 60 year career, Etienne Decroux created an art form, Corporeal Mime, and is known today as ‘the Father of Modern Mime, and one of the great luminaries of the theatre world’. This lecture/performance is a tribute to the life of Etienne Decroux, his artistic legacy and his struggle to make mime an independent art form. As he once said, “Mime has better things to do than to complete another art.”

Performed In Bucharest, Romania in November 2012 for The Masca Theatre Festival, and during the Summer season 2014 at The White Church Theatre Project

A Promethean Dream, 2012


Directed and created by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum, for the Avatar Meher Baba Theatre in Meherabad, India, 25th February 2009. The seafaring adventures of a soul accross the centuries searching for a semblance of the truth.

Across the Seven Seas, 2009


Directed and created by Steven Wasson, assisted by Corinne Soum. From Ovid to Cocteau, the myth of Orpheus is an eternal mystery play of loss and sacrifice. Set in the midst of an absurd and imaginary, dysfunctional "family" under the care and spell of an eccentric alienist, this adaptation of the myth portrays the descent of Orpheus into the underworld, his love for Eurydice and his fascination for the mysterious incarnation of Death.

Touring and Performing: Teatre Traume Festival in Mainz, Germany in 2004, 22 Festival International du Mime De Perigueux (France) in 2004, Teatro di San Lazzaro/ Teatro dell'Argine, Bologna, Italy, in collaboration with the university of Bologna and the Dipartimento di Musica e Spettacolo in April 2005, Pleasance Theatre, London, in April 2005. Teatro SESC Anchieta, Brazil, invited by SESC Mostra De Artes Mediterraneo, performed in Sao Paolo in August 2005, Taunton, UK, Westival August 2006.

The Orpheus Complex, 2005

"ENTANGLED LIVES" (7 actors)

Created by Corinne Soum and assisted by Steven Wasson in 2000. Composition inspired by the Jean Tardieu poem: "Mister Sir" (Monsieur Monsieur) exploring the duality within each of us of the unconscious impressions reflecting through our present lives, combining the emotional power of movement and the musicality of seven different languages. Performed in London at the Pleasance Theatre and for The London International Mime Festival 2001 (UK). Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2001. The International Mime Festival Voor Vlanderen 2001. The London Edinburgh Festival 2001 at the Pleasance Theatre

Entangled Lives, 2002


Created and directed in 2000 by Steven Wasson and assisted by Corinne Soum. An adaptation of Gogol's play, in collaboration with the university of Bologna and the Dipartimento di Musica e Spettacolo. Performed in Bologa (Italy) in l’Arena del Sole- Sala InterAction. (April 2000) Directed by Steven Wasson assisted by Corinne Soum. 2nd version: Pleasance Theatre, London, March 2002, Edinburgh Festival 2002, (Total Theatre and Stage Award for Acting Excellence nomination). Israel (BritishCouncil tour) in 2003. The 2003 London International Mime Festival. COS Festival in Reus (Spain) and the Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo, Ireland 2003.

The Government Inspector (15 actors), 2003

"RESONANCE / Collage Dialectique sur "La Meditation" D’Etienne Decroux" (Duet Steven Wasson / Corinne Soum)

Co directed and created in 1997 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Etienne Decroux, this performance is a corporeal dialogue composed around his principal solo piece "La Meditation". A collage of various love duets by Etienne Decroux, poetics texts and new compositions by the Theatre de l'Ange Fou, RESONANCE explores the masculine and feminine expression of the body, revealing the organic and spiritual longing for union.

Touring and performing: Past Master Symposium, Center Of Performance Research, Aberystwyth, Wales, London International Mime Festival 98, Plasance Theatre, (UK) Theatro Castro Alves, Salvador Da Bahia (Brazil), Encuentro Internacional De Teatro Del Cuerpo, Teatro Del IMSS, Queretaro, Teatro Julio Prieto, Mexico City, (Mexico), Internationaal Mime Festival Voor Vlaanderen 98 (Belgium), Arena Del Sole, Soffita Production, Bologna (Italy), Festival Les Voies Du Mime, Theatre Espace Libre, Montreal (Canada) 1999.

Resonance, 1998


Directed by Steven Wasson. Based on the piece of Etienne Decroux: "Passage des Hommes sur la Terre", (1942, 1962, re-created in 1997). Symbolist representation of mankind’s journey in love and war.

Touring and performing: London International Mime Festival 98, Pleasance Theatre, (UK) Internationaal Mime Festival Voor Vlaanderen 98 (Belgium).

Passage of Man on Earth, 1998


Co-created and directed by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum in 1996 for the London International Mime Festival, B.A.C (UK). Inspired by Francis Brabazon's epic poem STAY WITH GOD, and portraying the quest towards spiritual awareness through the complex web of human relationships.


Directed by Steven Wasson in 1996 for the King of Hearts Art Gallery in Norwich (UK). A dialogue of movement and poetry performed by Corinne Soum.

"THE LOST ANGEL" (Company) (11 actors)

Created and directed by Steven Wasson in 1993, for thecinema and theatre awards "Les prix Arletty". A humorous fantasy on the critics' ironic opinions haunting the life of an artist. Performed in Paris (France) 1993 and London (UK) 1997.

The Lost Angel, 1993


Directed by Steven Wasson in1991-1992, the first ever reconstruction of twelve major pieces of Etienne Decroux Repertoire, from the first productions of 1930 to the last pieces in the 1980, funded by the French Ministry of Culture and co-produced by Movement Theatre International, Philadelphia.The title of this play reminds us of a phrase launched with passion by Etienne Decroux, towards a few critical minds who asked him to explain his art: "My art is an art standing up"

Touring and performing: Philadelphia International Movement Theatre 92 and 93 (USA), Hamburg International Mime Festival, Berlin Kunst Academie, (Germany) Teatro Testoni di Bologna, Festival Le Vie D’Intornno , Bergamo (Italy), London International Mime Festival 95, Southbank Centre (UK), Festival De Mime De Perigueux (France), two month run at the Theatre Le Ranelagh in Paris (France) 1994, Art of Acting Festival, Warsaw, Poland, 2007.

S. Wasson directing L'Usine by E. Decroux, 2007
From 'The Man Who Preferred to Stand', Le Combat Antique, 2007
From 'The Man Who Preferred to Stand', Paris 1994


Created and directed by Steven Wasson in 1990-1991. The tyrant is old, he is blind, his belly is bloated, as is his cruelty. All he is now is a hot-air balloon full of evil spells, and while he gloats on past victories, he takes shelter in his bed.Characters born of his madness jostle each other under his hallucinating eyes. But he is ready to fight once more, and the room turns into an arena for all battles, both yesterday’s and today's.

Touring and performing: Theatre Espace Acteur in Paris, Hambach Theatre Festival (Germany) 1992.

The Little Dictator Part 2, 1991

"BEYOND THE GARDEN" (3 actors)

Co-created and directed by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum in 1987-1988. A visual poem of the haunted adult heart searching to guard an innocence in spite of the mounting chaos of the outside world, "Beyond the garden" presents a lyrical vision of the secret desire in everyone to remain a child.

Touring and performing: Theatre Espace Kiron, Theatre Espace Acteur in Paris (France), Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Giora Naor Productions (Israel), Winnipeg International Mime festival (Canada), Theatre D’Esch (luxembourg), Theatre festival of the Carthusian Monastery in Padula (Italy) 1991.

Beyond the Garden, 1987
Beyond the Garden, 1987


Directed and created by Steven Wasson. First created in 1985-1986, awarded the Label of the Revolution 1989. An imaginary and satirical portrait of a tyrant at times idolized, at times ridiculed by a humanity without a memory, the dictator becomes lost in his absurd games and his pursuit of a paradise beyond his reach.

Touring and performing: Theatre Le Ranelagh, Cafe De La Danse, Theatre Des Amandiers, Theatre De La Butte Montmartre, in Paris, Avignon Off Festival 1990, Thouars, Theatre Coemedia Aubagne, (France) and Berlin International Mime Festival (Germany).

The Little Dictator, 1989

"CRUSADE" (Duet Steven Wasson / Corinne Soum)

Co-created and directed by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum 1985. An angel, awkward and timid, meets a young woman the night of her birthday, pushing her towards the eternal question: "who am I?". Judged by the eyes that are her own, accused by the demons of her conscience, and struck by ghosts that are but the beating of her heart, she arrives face to face with the object of her quest.

Touring and performing: Lille International Mime Festival (France), Theatre Tol (Luxembourg), Melkweg Theatre Amsterdam (Holland), International Mime and Theatre Festival in Montreal and Winnipeg 85 and 88 (Canada), American Embassy in Paris, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem, Giora Naor Productions (Israel), French Theatre Institute and Movement Theatre Festival in Berlin, Dresden, Mainz, Dusseldorf, Essen, and Hamburg (Germany),The Place in London (UK), Cafe de La Danse in Paris, Theatre De Vanves, Theatre De Velizy ( France), Theatre Festival of Slupsk (Poland), Arkangelsk City Theatre, The St. Petersbourg Actor's House (Russia), Stockolm International Mime Festival (Sweden), Nyon Theaatre Festival (Switzerland), Theatre de L’Alliance Francaise in New York (USA) 1991.

Crusade, 1985
Crusade, 1986

"FAMILY PORTRAIT" (7 actors) and “A BAD NIGHT FOR ALBERT” (6actors)

Co-created and directed in 1984-1985 by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum. Satire of the social and family life of seven strange characters. Performed in France (Paris, Versailles, Lille)

"DAYDREAMING IN EXILE" (Solo Steven Wasson) and “THE DEARLY DEPARTED” (Solo Corinne Soum)

Created in 1981 -1982: two corporeal “reveries” on solitude and time. Touring Holland, (Amsterdam) Canada, (Toronto) U.S.A (Milwaukee Theatre Festival)

Daydreaming in Exile, 1982